Veeam Support Agreement

The operation of the Socket License Support does not affect the functionality of the product, except for the restriction of installing product updates delivered after the support expiry date. For the renewal of an expired subscription contract, there is no additional rehiring fee and your support is renewed from the date of buttock processing. 13.0 Open Source and third-party software. “Open Source,” a number of open source software components that are authorized under the terms of the current open source licensing agreements, which are contained in the materials associated with this software. Open source software consists of individual software components, each with its own copyright and licensing conditions. The current list of open source software and third-party software components used by Veeam can be accessed at For more information on Here is an example of a co-term support with a Veeam Backup – Enterprise Edition Replication client with two purchases: customers who acquire an indeterminate license will have the right to permanently use any version of the software displayed in the license file before the support opening date. One year of basic or production support and maintenance is included in each purchase of the indefinite license. To remain involved in product updates and support, customers must renew their annual maintenance contract.

Read more about maintenance costs. For more information, please contact Veeam Renewals in After the support expires for more than one year, a customer has the right to renew the refund and rehire fees or to purchase new licenses at the list price with Veeam`s written permission. Please contact the Veeam Renewals team to determine the best route for the future. If it exists, the standard expiry date of the indeterminate licence is set at 10 years from the date of issuance and can be reissued at any time for a longer period of time, without changing further details of the licence. Please open a license support ticket on the customer portal for such a request. Important note: To obtain production support for combined licenses, the socket license must be performed at the support production level. Any customer who does not have up-to-date support loses access to product updates, new product releases and technical support in a timely manner and cannot manage licenses on the licensing portal. No new license keys for past contracts are issued prior to maintenance renewal (including license mergers, edition updates and edition demotion).

When multiple license keys are merged, the lowest editing conditions are selected for the resulting key (z.B. merges a 10 Socket Standard Edition license with the Veeam Universal license into a Standard Edition license key). Similarly, the earliest expiration date of the license and the expiration date of the support are provided with the corresponding support identifier. Learn more about vbo_licensing.html Veeam has three support programs: Premier, Production and Basic. In addition, there is an evaluation assistance program for 30 days after product downloads. Each program offers a guarantee of support via the web, email and phone and the ability to open requests via the web or phone. Support for customers with Community Edition/Free License/NFR licensed products is provided best-effort.